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Never Forgotten

We have all felt forgotten, rejected or unnoticed at some point in our lives. Maybe some of us are going through it right now. People would have forgotten you, friends and family would have rejected you and despised you in spite of all what you had done for them.

If you are in such a place, do not be dismayed - there is good news for you.

We will look at an example from the Bible that shows that no matter who forgets, rejects, neglects or despises you, God never does. He always remembers and He has a perfect timing.

In 1 Samuel:16, God speaks to the prophet Samuel and informs him that a new King needs to be anointed in the place of Saul. Samuel sets out to Bethlehem, to the house of Jesse where God had provided for himself a king

When Samuel is in Jesse’s house, Jesse first brings out Eliab the eldest of 8 sons. He then proceeded to bring out 6 sons, but not the youngest.

It was only when Samuel asked Jesse, “Are all the young men here?” that Jesse replied saying, “There remains yet the youngest, and there he is, keeping the sheep” (1 Samuel 16: 11)

This son who was forgotten by his own father, was David

When all the others were brought out and passed in front of Samuel, David was forgotten. He was overlooked.

Now David was outside tending to his fathers sheep. He was faithfully continuing his duty, diligently taking care of what was entrusted to him. Yet, despite his faithfulness, loyalty, sincerity and diligence, he was forgotten, even if it was for a brief moment

We can easily identify with this situation.

Regardless of what we have done and despite our skills and talents, sometimes we are forgotten and overlooked. We go unnoticed

Maybe you are being overlooked at work. A long awaited promotion or recognition but someone else gets it. Or it could be a healing that you were praying for and someone else gets the answer while you continue the same way.

And sometimes we get forgotten and cast out by the people we never expected to do so- people close to our hearts. No matter what we do, and how much we try, no one seems to think of us. Or trust us.

The Shepherd

David was keeping the sheep- he was the designated shepherd of the family. In ancient Hebrew/Arab society, the youngest in the family was given the role of the shepherd. It began with the eldest son and after a while, it was passed down to the brother right below him and continued until it finally reached the youngest.

And this youngest son gets stuck with the role. He has no one else to pass it down to. David was that young one who got ‘stuck’ in that place.

There was no room for a promotion or doing anything different with his life. In those moments he would have contemplated his ‘purpose’ in life.

He may have thought - Is this all I am called to do?‌ I am skillful, talented, capable of leadership and much more. Why am I stuck in this thankless work without any prospects in sight?'

His brothers, on the other hand, were successful- they were soldiers in Saul’s army; the fancy ones, who got to do the cool things.

We all have felt like that. Some of you may still be in that position.

But worry not. Our God is still alive and He has His eyes on you.

Remember it was God who reminded Samuel to ask Jesse, if all the sons were brought out. God was looking for David, the one in the backyard

The father forgot, but God remembered and reminded.

Even though Samuel, the man of God himself, in the beginning leaned toward his own preferences and inclinations by thinking that Eliab - because he looked good from the outside - was the chosen one, God immediately corrected him.

God never forgets

If you feel you are stuck in life and no one see’s you, the hard work that you do and misses out on the great person you are, do not be heart-broken.

For God see’s you. He remembers you and will lift you up

Note that David was immediately lifted up and found favor, right after God anointed him. When king Saul was distressed by an evil spirit, a servant at the court suddenly remembered and told Saul about a young man skilled at playing the harp and the lute. And the next day, David was in the kings court, right next to Saul.

An immediate promotion and favor

One day he is a shepherd, out in the backyard, forgotten by everyone. And the next day, he is next to the king.

So take courage for He is alive and nothing is impossible with Him.

Write it in your hearts that no matter who has forgotten you, you are always in His heart and mind. All you need to do is continue doing what you are doing right now.

Do not quit what you are doing, or quit being who you are.

Remember, when Samuel came, David was KEEPING‌ the sheep, which meant he was continuing and being faithful in his duties. Your promotion, your upliftment is right at the door. The time will come when everyone will recognize and see who you are because God will lift you up.