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Open Doors

Most of the time we associate doors with opportunity. We say "God has opened a new door of opportunity" or "a new door of blessing has opened up". While this is absolutely true there is another aspect of a door that we should look at.

An open door can also mean a new, fresh, never-before-seen perspective or thought process. Doors need not only mean new opportunities or be limited to material blessings alone.

Jesus said, " You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free" (John 8:32 ) It means that before you came to know of God's truth, you were operating/thinking within a certain mindset or belief system that was wrong and contradictory to God's law. Essentially you were believing and living your life based on lies purported by the enemy. If the Bible says that you have to be set free it means that you are a captive being held in prison; a prison of wrong mindsets and thought patterns. These prisons have doors which are shut to keep you inside.

The moment you know the Truth, the prison doors are opened and you enter into a new way of thinking or a fresh perspective. You enter into God's perspective.

This new perspective enables you to get out of the wrong mindset you were confined in.

When you believe the lies of the enemy or embrace the beliefs, customs and habits of this world you become trapped within that particular belief system, custom or habit. You become a prisoner and live your life based on the prison mind-set.

An example of a lie is when the enemy or even your own mind says - "You can never get out of this debt". Or it could be " you will never get a promotion" . When you choose to believe it, you begin to develop a specific mindset built upon that lie, which eventually directs your behaviors and actions. In other words you change your own reality when you start manifesting the lies by operating within a particular mindset. You end up not getting out of the debt or not getting the promotion.

When the Holy Spirit releases the Truth about your life and its various situations - through prophecies, teachings, revelations etc - it opens the door of the prison i.e., the wrong mindset in which you are confined. You suddenly see God's truth which dispels all lies about your situation.

Doors work in both directions - you can go into a place and you can get out through it. Similarly God's Word, prophecies, revelations are all different doors that can enable you to get out of a wrong prison mindset and into the truth and it can also help you enter into a completely new way of life.

So the next time you receive a revelation or Word about something you have been praying about, remember that it maybe God opening a new way of thinking and enabling you to see things from His perspective. Your mindset determines where you will go in your life. It is by the renewing of your mind that you transform yourself (Romans 12:2). Therefore, when God opens a door to a new way of thinking, He is enabling you to renew your mind and consequently transform your life.


An easy and practical way to apply this teaching is to start being aware and noting down the negative thoughts in a journal. Capture as much negative thoughts in a day as you can.

At the end of the day go through each of the thoughts and find a scripture verse that is diametrically opposite and contradictory to your negative thought. When you do this you are actively renewing your mind according to the Word of God and doors to God's perspectives and new thinking will be opened to you.

An example is given below:

(the above is only an example. Develop and follow a format that works best for you)

Once you complete the above declare the scripture verses out loud. Repeat this on a daily basis and you will begin to see great changes taking place in your life.

May God bless you.